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Research in Presentation Production for Learning Electronically

The RIPPLES group is developing, deploying and assessing multimedia learning technologies and investigating how to use these technologies to support effective teaching and learning inside and outside the classroom. RIPPLES is also evaluating the application of multimedia technologies to collaborative work and outreach to learning and other communities.

Our current research on learning technologies addresses:

  • automatic capture of classroom activities from multiple media streams
    • producing navigable classroom records for later study and review
    • distributing materials in real time to enable active, constructivist learning
  • extending the RIPPLES MANIC technologies to create a constructivist learning environment by adding tools for extended search, collaboration, and notation
  • investigating new technologies for asynchronous multimedia delivery, including Java, SMIL, and other technologies

Recently, we have applied MANIC technologies to support outreach for several University programs: the Engineering Research Center for Collaborative Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA); the Sustainable Forests Seminar Series; and the Five-College Speaker Series on Information Assurance.